ace&jig condé nast traveler, may 2016 press

condé nast traveler, may 2016

designers cary vaughan and jenna wilson have a deep love of textiles. it’s apparent in every vibrant piece of clothing they create for their line, ace & jig, which debuted in 2009 and has become the go-to brand for eclectic-chic dresses and bold, wide-legged trousers.
ace&jig matches fashion, april 2016 press

matches fashion, april 2016

spotlight on… ace & jig celebrating textile traditions, while working towards a more sustainable future: meet the label creating a new fashion community.
ace&jig selvedge, spring 2016 press

selvedge, spring 2016

ace&jig featured in selvedge magazine, spring 2016
ace&jig the style line, march 2016 press

the style line, march 2016

the style line x brand assembly: how cary vaughn and jenna wilson get ace&jig(gy) with it... from working bi-coastally, to redefining sustainability, and finding time to enjoy the little moments in between we were excited to dive deeper into these ideals during our recent visit together...

ace&jig harpers bazaar, february 2016 press

harper's bazaar, february 2016

ace&jig featured in harpers bazaar february 2016
ace&jig forbes, january 2016 press

forbes, january 2016

I first encountered Ace & Jig at Mira Mira, a friend's boutique in San Francisco's Mission District. It was a kaftan-style dress made of a fabric that I could immediately tell was special. 
ace&jig nylon, november 2015 press

nylon, november 2015

ace&jig featured in nylon november 2015
ace&jig wall street journal, february 2015 press

wall street journal, february 2015

ace&jig in wall street journal, may 2015
ace&jig condé nast, february 2015 press

condé nast, february 2015

ace & jig's insider style tips...this brooklyn fashion label puts a smile on your face. the more weather-worn the vintage fabrics the better, according to design duo cary vaughan and jenna wilson, whose mismatched textiles are made by hand in india
ace&jig grazia, february 2015 press

grazia, february 2015

ace&jig in grazia magazine february 2015
ace&jig in anthology, january 2015 press

anthology, january 2015

ace&jig featured in anthology magazine, january 2015
ace&jig gotham, october 2014 press

gotham, october 2014

ambra medda, who cofounded Design Miami and served as its director for five years, wearing ace&jig