we bring scrap fabrics to our our all-inclusive community events, and give them to people who participate in our swaps to patch and repurpose in fun and inventive ways. the online ace&jig community participates in lively reselling of styles they no longer use, and also upcycle their ace&jig pieces into one-of-a-kind creations. we love that they share our commitment to finding a purpose for every last scrap.
ace&jig's diverse, all-inclusive community
two women participating in an ace and jig clothing swap event
two women reselling ace and jig styles they no longer use
group of women committed to finding a purpose for every last scrap
woman trying on an ace and jig jacket founders with a group of fans
three women wearing ace and jig dresses in different patterns woman sitting at desk with several fabric swatches
woman wearing ace and jig top sitting with child three ace and jig dresses on hangers
woman standing outside wearing blue and white pattern ace and jig dress two women holding stacks of ace and jig clothing