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ace&jig x RePack

we are so excited to offer a better solution to single-use mailers! together with Repack, we are now able to provide an alternative: a reusable and returnable mailer. 

RePack is a circular solution to the ever-growing problem of waste created by packaging. it reduces waste and saves up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to the traditional linear model of single-use mailers.

add RePack to your order today and together we can reduce carbon emissions and packaging waste!

India Covid Relief Raffles

THANK YOU for helping us fundraise for organizations that are providing relief in response to the current Covid crisis in India. 

so far, we've been able to donate $17,183 to India Covid Relief.
THANK YOU for your raffle ticket orders totaling $8,220, which ace&jig has matched. these funds have been distributed and donated between Hemkunt Foundation, Give India, and Mission Oxygen