at ace&jig, one of our goals for 2021 is to make our packaging more sustainable.

we are excited to share some updates we have been working on and are implementing starting now!

our outside packaging:

our outside packaging for web orders is now officially 100% recyclable! orders ship in eco-mailers which are made with 100% (90% post-consumer) recycled paper, and all tape, adhesives, and labels are now 100% recyclable, too. all web orders are shipped carbon neutral, to help offset environmental impact.

our inside packaging:

for interior packaging, we’re transitioning to glassine bags! this means we will no longer be using new single-use plastic polybags to package ace&jig products. our new glassine bags are 100% paper, FSC certified, and naturally biodegradable.

with this upgrade, our packaging will officially be plastic-free and 100% curbside recyclable!

please note: to reduce waste, we will still use up our existing stock of polybags. if you receive an item in a plastic polybag, we recommend looking up a place near you that recycles soft plastic and film.

glassine bag packaging

reduce & reuse:

even though we ship orders carbon neutral, we believe less shipping overall is best. we automatically combine shipments for same-day orders placed before 11am PST/2pm EST in order to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of packaging we use.

as always, we will continue to reuse all packaging that is in good condition, so send back your original packaging with your returns!

Responsible Packaging Movement

we've set goals and are committed to eliminating single-use plastic and virgin-forest-fiber from our packaging. learn more about our commitment to praNa's Responsible Packaging Movement here.

our final goal for 2021 is to introduce a reusable loop mailer for our ecommerce orders. stay tuned for updates on this!

praNa Responsible Packaging Movement