our manufacturing partners in India are Fair Trade Certified™!

Fair Trade USA works as a 3rd party support system and certifier that promotes and ensures sustainable livelihoods, employee empowerment and community, safe working conditions, and protection of the environment.

it has been a long time mutual goal for our manufacturing to become Fair Trade Certified™, and ace&jig is proud to be the sole sponsor of this certification for our partners.

as part of this certification, ace&jig contributes a premium for every item that has the Fair Trade Certified™ tag into a fund that is managed by a democratically elected council of factory employees.  the employees then collectively decide how to best use this fund for their benefit.

when you choose to purchase Fair Trade Certified™ products, you’re supporting a global movement putting people and the planet first.  look for the Fair Trade Certified™ seal on our website product listings and tags!