the fashion industry is responsible for a tremendous amount of global pollution. textile waste is a huge part of this problem. 
statistically, in the cut and sew process, anywhere from 10%-30% of each meter of fabric is wasted. if we threw out fabric at this rate, we would waste thousands of meters of our custom fabrics each year! instead, we've committed to finding a use for each scrap of our custom yarn-dye woven textiles from community initiatives, to recycling or repurposing.
no waste quilts
  • waste not pieces we use our scrap fabric to make ace&jig pieces - via patched quilts, fabric flags, kids styles, and more.
  • artist collabs we collaborate with many thoughtful and talented artists and designers who take our fabric scraps and reinterpret them in their own designs. past collaborations include pauline boyd of counterpane, milena silvano, thompson streets studio, lisa dorr, b sides, clarkie kabler, janelle pietrzak of all roads, and many more.
  • artisan collabs we work with project thrive, a non-profit organization that employs fair trade artisans to create limited-run pieces from our scrap fabric with partial proceeds going to support their important mission.
  • community engagement we bring scrap fabrics to our community events, and give them to people who participate in our swaps to patch and repurpose in fun and inventive ways.
  • scrap donations & scrap fellowships we donate scraps to schools, non-profits for educational purposes. learn more about our scrap fellowships.
  • recycle we shred or recycle any pieces that are unable to be revived. thanks to all of our waste not initiatives, this pile is usually very small!

ace and jig pillows made with fabric scraps
woman wearing black and white patterned ace and jig dress restaurant using napkins made out of ace and jig fabric scraps
ace and jig flags made out of fabric scraps woman wearing oversized coat made out of ace and jig textiles
everybody world t-shirt with pocket made from ace and jig fabric scraps pair of jeans with patches made from fabric scraps