textile scrap images

we want to use our scraps for good!

during the creation of our collections, we always save any leftover textile scraps and find creative ways to use every last bit of our custom woven textiles. over the years, we’ve repurposed them in collaborations with artists, in our crowd-sourced community quilt, and in patch kits that you have upcycled in creative and unique ways!

in these recent weeks, we have been especially floored by the kindness and generosity of our community, and the way you’ve used our scraps to help others. thanks to you, we've launched and received over 40 submissions to our first-ever Scrap Fellowship Program.

your votes are in, and our first ever ace&jig Scrap Fellowship will got to the Children's Institute of Fashion Arts, and their afterschool programs to teach children to sew!  
    • “I’m the founding director of the Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts. We are a NYC nonprofit devoted to expansive education in the craft and culture of clothing and primarily afterschool  programs. We are currently moving our afterschool programs on-line and sending materials to our program in a family shelter in Brooklyn to learn to sew. Kids will be learning hand sewing to make projects  they want to make.”
stay tuned for more updates on our scrap fellowship with the Children's Institute of Fashion Arts! 

(photo by Maria Postigo)