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waste not

fashion is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world, both in terms of natural resources and human resources.

working at the loom in india

slow fashion

items are only available for purchase when they arrive at our excellent stockists and are physically in their hands. we believe in buying items that can be touched, felt, and tried on.

repairing of an ace&jig garment


we are committed to helping extend the life of our clothing by repairing, hosting swap events, encouraging  reselling of styles no longer being used, and upcycling.

picking cotton in a field in India


our manufacturer ensures not a drop of water goes to waste in their facility. all the water comes from their own natural resource, and is processed in their own water softening plant.

cary & jenna and their children at the Women's March in Washington D.C.

giving back

each year we partner with organizations and charities that are doing crucial work worldwide to promote human rights, sustainability, and earth conservation.

Cary & Jenna pictured with friends from the ace & jig community


our all-inclusive ace&jig community attracts a diverse intelligent bunch who connect on social media and face to face, swapping ace&jig clothing and stories from their lives!