regenerative collection

our Regenerative collection is created from an ancient fiber indigenous to India: Kala cotton. every piece is handwoven on framelooms, and naturally-dyed using organic earth matter, making each piece 100% organic.

why regenerative?

we had been looking for a way to add more regenerative methods to our textile-making process, in an effort to create an ace&jig collection that not only sustains but rebuilds the soil on which it is farmed. when our partners introduced us to Kala cotton, we knew it was the right fit.

Kala cotton is a rain-fed, drought-resistant crop that doesn’t require irrigation, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides, making it naturally organic. it is cultivated using regenerative practices like tillage and the planting of a variety of indigenous cover crops that rebuild the health of the soil and enrich the ecosystem.

kala cotton history

Kala cotton has a beautiful and rich history. this ancient fiber has been grown in India dating as far back as 3000 BC. it is indigenous to the Kachchh region of India, and historically a resilient crop that is sustainably-produced and regenerates the land on which it is farmed.

while its use has diminished over time and with the industrialization of cotton farming, Kala cotton is finding new life through the efforts of Kala cotton farmers, ginners, spinners, and weavers!


part of what makes our regenerative collection unique is that every textile is handwoven by weavers on framelooms.

this slow and thoughtful process produces just 2-3 meters of fabric per day.

naturally-dyed & organic

in addition to being 100% organic, this collection is naturally-dyed using vegetables, roots, and other organic earth matter including turmeric, pomegranate, indigo, and more.

because of the variation found in naturally dyed materials, these textiles vary slightly in color and saturation, making each regenerative piece unique!