the most important thing we can do to reduce this textile waste is prolong the lifespan of our garments.
a few of our practices:
  • swap - fans of ace&jig swap styles they no longer wear with each other, giving the pieces a new life!
  • renew - through our partnership with The Renewal Workshop, we repair and renew damaged ace&jig pieces. renewing items restores value to these used, unwanted, or damaged items, and diverts more textile waste from landfills. learn more about our partnership here.
  • take back - as part of our partnership with The Renewal Workshop, we now take back your well-loved but damaged ace&jig!  request a label here to send items you no longer wish to keep back to us. for every item you send back, you’ll receive $20 credit to shop either new or renewed ace&jig items.
  • resell - our online community participates in lively reselling of styles they no longer use, giving these styles a new and longer lifespan.
  • upcycle - many members of our community upcycle their ace&jig pieces into one-of-a-kind creations. we love that they share our commitment to finding a purpose for every last scrap!
  • pass on - write your name and the date on our ace&jig hangtags when you pass it on, swap, or resell it, to track it's lifespan to help keep a record of the many hands it has passed through and the garment’s lifespan.
two women swap ace & jig items
photos of customers from a ace & jig swapping event
ace & jig swap event
ace & jig repairs at brooklyn event
ace & jig repairs at atlanta event
customers swapping ace & jig items at LA event
ace & jig hangtag with owner log
two women swapping ace & jig items