ace&jig the coveteur, march 2017 press

the coveteur, march 2017

"After the whirlwind of completing our ace&jig spring 17 collection, we took a much-needed hiatus on the remarkable California coastline of Big Sur. Before embarking on the textile creation process of our next season..."
ace&jig woven, march 2017 press

woven, march 2017

"We wanted all along to do something that was full of joy, that makes people feel good about themselves. Nothing is better to us than that."
ace&jig poster child, spring 2017 press

poster child, spring 2017

William wearing Jumpsuit by Ace & Jig
ace&jig viewpoint colour, february 2017 press

viewpoint colour, february 2017

"It was time to take that passion and joy and turn it into a line of comfortable, chic cotton clothing that would draw inspiration from the history of textiles..."
ace&jig allure, february 2017 press

allure, february 2017

"A sweet apron dress, and better yet, the dressmakers receive free childcare."
ace&jig knit wit magazine 2017 press

knit wit, january 2017

...this was Ace & Jig's first–official anyway–Women in Textiles gathering, and the celebratory air was palpable.
ace&jig red magazine 2017 press

red, january 2017

ace & jig's brand values are those of an enduring friendship: authenticity, colour, beauty and care.
ace&jig sunset magazine 2017 press

sunset, january 2017

Jenna Wilson was immediately captivated by the 500-square foot attic in her family's 1920's Craftsman in artsy Southeast Portland.
ace&jig lefair, december 2016 press

lefair, december 2016

ace and jig lefair magazine december 2016
ace&jig parents december 2016 press

parents, december 2016

ace and jig in parents magazine december 2016
ace&jig racked, june 2016 press

racked, june 2016

ace & jig’s pop-up shop has moved online

ace&jig the window, may 2016 press

the window, may 2016

from the sorbet-hued palette of the old city to the curlicues of the whitewashed lake palace, the textile-obsessed designers behind ace & jig invite you along as they feast all five senses on the myriad inspirations of this historical city.