India Covid Relief

our hearts go out to India and its people, and the devastation they are facing due to the current Covid crisis.

we are grateful for our partner’s empathy-driven leadership and prioritization of employee safety and wellbeing since day one of Covid. we have reached out to our partners in India for ways to help. they recommended Give IndiaHemkunt Foundation, and Mission Oxygen, three organizations in India that are providing aid and life-saving equipment to Covid affected areas and individuals.

so far, we've been able to donate $17,183 to India Covid Relief. thank you for your raffle ticket orders totaling $8,220, which ace&jig has matched. these funds have been distributed and donated between  Hemkunt FoundationGive India and Mission Oxygen.  We also continue to make donations to Mutual Aid organizations.

THANK YOU for helping us make these important donations. 

We are not stopping here. We will continue to be in constant contact with our partners in India in order to provide all methods of support to them and their team. Links below for more ways to help, and stay tuned as we continue to fundraise, make donations, share resources and lend support during this humanitarian crisis.

hemkunt foundation logo

Hemkunt Foundation is a non-government organisation that aims to provide humanitarian aid in the form of livelihoods, disaster relief, access to basic human rights and education for marginalized sections of society.

Learn about their free oxygen cylinder efforts here.

GiveIndia has set up two fundraising initiatives: Mission India Against Coronavirus and Mission Support COVID-19 Hit Families.

these fundraisers will support underprivileged and vulnerable communities as they cope with the virus. the first mission aims at providing hygiene kits and basic provisions to poor families, abandoned elderlies, cancer patients etc. the second mission is to support the daily wage earners who have been stranded without work and those experiencing homelessness with cash and ration support to feed their families and take care of other essentials.

give india logo

United Way is working with Mission Oxygen to facilitate overseas donations.

this google doc is a great resource of ongoing mutual aid fundraisers for Covid support in India. you can search for fundraisers marked “URGENT”, and if you are not based in India, look for fundraisers that “accept foreign donations.”

we’ve identified several organizations accepting donations outside of India and have made donations to them. please explore this resource! thanks @sonaksha for artwork and sharing!

Future Collective compiled this list of verified fundraisers run by charities and organizations in India.