ace&jig in fashionista, july 2018 press

fashionista, july 2018

ace&jig featured in fashionista, july 2018
ace&jig in the women's room, july 2018 press

the women's room, july 2018

ace&jig featured in the women's room, july 2018
ace&jig in red, june 2018 press

red, june 2018

ace&jig featured in red magazine, june 2018
ace&jig in afar, may/june 2018 press

afar, may/june 2018

ace&jig featured in afar, may/june 2018
ace&jig in editorialist, spring/summer 2018 press

editorialist, spring/summer 2018

ace&jig featured in editorialist magazine, spring/summer 2018
ace&jig in desire homme, april 2018 press

desire homme, april 2018

ace&jig featured in desire homme magazine, april 2018
ace&jig here, april 2018 press

here, april 2018

The women behind the earthy, bohemian brand, Cary Vaughn and Jenna Wilson, travel for work often, primarily to ensure quality and source textiles—and to remain inspired.
ace&jig featured in women's health magazine, march 2018

women's health, march 2018

ace&jig featured in women's health magazine, march 2018
ace&jig blanc, march 2018 press

blanc, march 2018

ace&jig featured in blanc magazine, march 2018 editorial
ace&jig essence, march 2018 press

essence, march 2018

ace and jig hughes shorts featured in essence magazine, march 2018
ace&jig departures, january 2018 press

departures, january 2018

ace & jig’s southern travel diary.
ace&jig oh joy!, january 2018 press

oh joy!, january 2018

pattern adventures: oh joy wears plaid!