our values

learn more about our sustainable commitments, waste not practices, certifications and fellowship programs.

waste not initiatives

we are committed to finding a use for each scrap of our custom yarn-dye woven textiles: from community initiatives, to recycling or repurposing!

Fair Trade Certified™

our manufacturing partners in India are Fair Trade Certified™! this certification ensures employee empowerment and community, safe working conditions, protection of the environment + more!

Regenerative Collection

every piece in our Regenerative collection is handwoven on framelooms and naturally-dyed using organic earth matter, making each piece 100% organic.


we are a proud partner with Projecthrive, a women’s empowerment initiative whose mission is to employ women living at-risk in the industrial areas surrounding Delhi.

15% Pledge

we have taken the 15 Percent Pledge to create and support economic empowerment for Black-owned businesses, artists and communities.

RePack reusable packaging

RePack reusable mailers are a circular solution to the ever-growing problem of waste created by packaging!

take back program

we are sunsetting this program to make room for a new circular solution! check back here soon for more details.

our packaging

we are committed to offering sustainable shipping and packaging options! our packaging is plastic-free and 100% curbside recyclable.


we encourage prolonging the lifespan of our garments through the practices of swapping, mending, upcycling, + more!

thoughtful purchasing

we encourage our customers to make purchases thoughtfully tools like our Style Preview Page or customer reviews.

Scrap Fellowships

our Scrap Fellowship is a program in which we donate our scraps to people or organizations that will use them to create positive change!

giving back

each year we contribute to organizations and charities doing crucial work to promote humanitarian causes, social justice, sustainability, and environmental justice.