at ace&jig we encourage you to celebrate loved, lived-in, and lasting clothing by using our custom-designed, woven textile scraps to mend and patch your well-loved, well-worn clothing!
mended ace and jig items
we are committed to reducing textile waste by using every last scrap of our leftover custom woven textiles. explore our Vintage Capsule to see how we've used #aceandjigscraps to bring damaged vintage and ace&jig pieces back to life. and stay tuned: twice a year we will release Patch Kits, assorted bundles of scrap textiles that you can use to do the same!
patch kits for mending
our hope is that you use our ace&jig scraps to patch a hole or tear, reinforce a well-loved and well-worn piece, or to beautify a style you haven't been wearing and give it a second life! elongating the  lifespan of our garments is one of the most sustainable practices we can adopt.


100% of the profits from our patch kits go to the Natural Resource Defense Council, an organization doing valuable work to safeguard the earth.
models wearing mended clothing
show us how you mend & patch by posting your pictures with the hashtag #aceandjigscraps and visit the hashtag folder for inspiration