vintage capsule | polly pant | size M *mended by Hidden Opulence*

$ 265.00


a cropped pant with a pleated front, elasticated back waistband, and side pockets mended with assorted patches of our custom yarn dye woven textile scraps by Drea Johnson of Hidden Opulence.

    • made in india
    • m: 20” hip, 26 ¼” inseam, 21” stretched waist

Every season, a few ace&jig pieces are damaged in transit. As part of our Visible Mending initiative, we collected a small assortment of these pieces, and sent each one to be lovingly mended or patched with our custom woven textile scraps. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and was brought back to life by our friends and mending artists!

  • fez – a lightweight natural singlecloth with a faded yellow and mustard plaid and metallic accents. (97% cotton, 3% metallic) *please note this textile contains metallic yarns