textile preview pack | regenerative collection

$ 8.00

we made this guide to our Regenerative collection textiles as part of our commitment to thoughtful purchasing. flip through these 4" x 4" swatches and explore the colors, patterns, textures, and weight of each of our custom fabric designs. 

each item in our Regenerative collection collection is made from Kala cotton, an ancient fiber indigenous to India that is cultivated using regenerative practices and 100% organic. in addition, every item in this collection is handwoven and naturally-dyed!

  • made in India
  • 100% organic & handwoven Kala cotton
  • naturally-dyed with organic earth matter
  • swatches are 4'' x 4'', +/- a tolerance natural to the cutting process
  • 6 swatches total in lake, seashell, prep, flora, fauna & shore

*due to the natural dyes used to create these fabrics, small pattern and color variations occur, and are part of what make each textile in our Regenerative collection unique! 

see our guide to all of the upcoming textiles on our Regenerative Collection Textile Archive Page! explore upcoming styles in these textiles on our Style Preview Page.

this textile preview pack is made with 100% organic Kala cotton.