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textile preview pack | fall 23

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we made this guide to our upcoming textiles as part of our commitment to thoughtful purchasing. flip through these 4" x 4" swatches and explore the colors, patterns, textures, and weight of each of our custom fabric designs. 

  • made in India
  • mixed materials, cotton based
  • swatches are 4''x4'', +/- a tolerance natural to the cutting process
  • 13 swatches total (7 singlecloths and 6 doublecloths, representing the 19 upcoming textiles)


    • the WHIRLWIND textile swatch appearance will vary from pack to pack due to the large check design.
    • the FLING textile swatch is cut from sample yardage and varies slightly from the final coloration of this textile, which features a less saturated and faded neon pink.

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    explore upcoming styles in these textiles on our Style Preview Page.