we’re so excited to partner with The Renewal Workshop to add a circular solution for extending the lifespan of ace&jig clothing!

let’s start to build a more circular economy together.

we are now sending our damaged ace&jig pieces to The Renewal Workshop for them to renew. this restores value to these previously unsellable items, and diverts more textile waste from landfills.

additionally, you can now send your well-loved, used, or damaged ace&jig back to be renewed or recycled. for every item you send in, regardless of condition, you’ll receive $20 credit to be used towards other renewed ace&jig pieces.

shop our collection of renewed ace&jig items HERE.

 Step 1: tell us which ace&jig piece(s) you’d like to send back HERE. Step 2: we will email you a prepaid USPS label to use to ship these items to The Renewal Workshop. Step 3: once we receive you item(s), we’ll send you a $25 code for each item sent to use on therenewalworkshop.com.


The Renewal Workshop receives your items and assess if it can be renewed, upcycled, or recycled.

Renewed - each garment is cleaned using liquid CO2, a cleaning process that requires no water or heat. The garments are then inspected for damages, repaired, and restored to their original condition before being repacked and offered on therenewalworkshop.com/aceandjig. 
Upcycled - if a garment is not eligible to be renewed but still in decent condition, it is saved to be upcycled or visibly mended. This could mean it is used to create a new item (ex. a damaged dress becomes a skirt), or creatively reworked with scrap fabric or visible repairs and patching. 
Recycled - if a garment is unrenewable, the fabric is shredded and either composted or recycled into yarns that can be used to create new fabrics

The Renewal Workshop partners with brands to reduce waste and restore value by renewing used and damaged clothing. they are experts in creating and executing circular systems, and employ a zero waste process for making renewed products.

for each item renewed, The Renewal Workshop uses a sophisticated value system called The Renewal Sensibility to measure the positive environmental impact of their work. this includes the number of pounds of waste diverted from landfill with energy, the water, toxic chemical, and greenhouse gas savings, and much more. find the Impact Score for each item sent back on the product page for each renewed item.