ace&jig works closely with partners in India to weave and sew our custom yarn dye woven collections.

we custom create our own yarn-dye woven textiles in a lengthy process that takes up to twelve months. we love that ace&jig's textiles help to highlight the artistry of the woven medium. our manufacturer shares our ethical values and practices the holistic kaizen philosophy of always continuing to improve.

woman holding cotton in the fields

we are in daily communication with this team: from working closely with master weavers to develop new textile designs and experiment with new weaving techniques, to collaborating with the owners to uphold our shared standards of production and labor, while finding sustainable ways of minimizing textile waste and resources.

our partners in India uphold our high ethical standards and are committed to:

  • Wages & Benefits - all employees are paid fairly. employees benefit from covered health insurance, employer-matched Provident Fund contributions, annual bonuses, and paid time off.
  • Employee Safety - our partners are committed to ensuring a safe, clean, and healthy workspace for all employees. they follow the Ethical Trading Initiative base code parameters for employee health and safety, and are audited annually to ensure these standards are upheld.
  • Sustainable Practices - our partners use innovative practices to conserve energy, water, and to reduce textile waste.
  • Waste Not - our partners are also committed to reducing textile waste through thoughtful patternmaking, the saving leftover scraps to be repurposed, and the creation products made with or from leftover textiles.
  • Fair Trade Certification - we are actively working with our partners to have our manufacturing become Fair Trade Certified.(link)
  • Safe & Chemical Free Production - ace&jig fabrics are dyed with azo free dyes.
  • Local cotton sourcing - the factory is situated in a rich weaving hub, and our cotton is sourced locally to support this economy.
  • Community Empowerment - our partners empower employees through education and opportunities via Project Thrive. (link)
  • Free Childcare - employees benefit from free on site childcare.

ace&jig partners must adhere to the following requirements: