vintage capsule | cora dress | size M *mended by KZ Stevens*

$ 285.00


A knee length dress with a contrasting bodice panel, mended with patches of our custom woven textile scraps by KZ Stevens

    • made in india, patched in USA.
    • m: 42 1/2" body length, 18 1/2" chest, 17 1/2" waist, 20 1/2" hip

Every season, a few ace&jig pieces are damaged in transit. As part of our Visible Mending initiative, we collected a small assortment of these pieces, and sent each one to be lovingly mended or patched with our custom woven textile scraps. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and was brought back to life by our friends and mending artists!

  • capri - a lightweight navy singlecloth with delicate woven fleur motifs in natural.