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a multicolored patched quilt made from leftover yardage of our custom yarn dye woven textiles, in keeping with our commitment to reducing textile waste.

  • measures approximately 80'' x 50”, +/- a tolerance natural to the sewing process.

the tempo painter quilt features concert, hero, odyssey, opera, castle, spellbound, tuxedo, folk black, tulip, legend, natural folk and swing. the reverse side of this quilt features our concert textile. 

  • tempo is a substantial woven singlecloth composed of large black and brown overdyed stripes. 100% cotton.
  • concert is a rumpled black supersoft doublegauze with woven motifs in brown. 100% cotton.
  • hero is a rumpled supersoft doublegauze in a warm brown featuring black patterned motifs. 100% cotton.
  • odyssey is a drapey midweight black singlecloth woven in an intricate pattern with brown motifs throughout. 100% cotton.
  • opera is a midweight singlecloth with faded black and grey stripes intersecting black and nude textures.
  • castle is a supersoft rumpled black doublegauze with woven patterns in warm brown, yellow, and grey. 100% cotton.
  • spellbound is a lightweight black gossamer singlecloth with woven textures and nude stripes. 100% cotton.
  • tuxedo is a midweight textured singlecloth with a bold black and cream houndstooth. 100% cotton.
  • folk black is a lightweight black singleclothing with stripes of natural woven textures throughout.
  • tulip is a textured lightweight singlecloth of pale pink-white with dotted red flower motifs. 100% cotton
  • legend is a midweight black singlecloth with woven brown and natural textural stripes. 100% cotton.
  • natural folk is a lightweight natural singlecloth with stripes of black woven textures throughout.
  • swing is a midweight black singlecloth with woven textures and white dash motifs. 100% cotton.